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pond, in Middleborough. The murderers, hoping to escape

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"O king," I said, "be careful; walk warily over hot stones, lest thou shouldst burn thy feet; hold the spear by the handle, lest thou shouldst cut thy hands. Touch but one hair of our heads, and destruction shall come upon thee. What, have not these," pointing to Infadoos and Scragga (who, young villain that he was, was employed in cleaning the blood of the soldier off his spear), "told thee what manner of men we are? Hast thou ever seen the like of us?" and I pointed to Good, feeling quite sure that he had never seen anybody before who looked in the least like him as he then appeared.

pond, in Middleborough. The murderers, hoping to escape

"It is true, I have not," said the king.

pond, in Middleborough. The murderers, hoping to escape

"Have they not told thee how we strike with death from afar?" I went on.

pond, in Middleborough. The murderers, hoping to escape

"They have told me, but I believe them not. Let me see you kill. Kill me a man among those who stand yonder" - and he pointed to the opposite side of the kraal - "and I will believe."

"Nay," I answered; "we shed no blood of man except in just punishment; but if thou wilt see, bid thy servants drive in an ox through the kraal gates, and before he has run twenty paces I will strike him dead."

"Nay," laughed the. king, "kill me a man, and I will believe."

"Good, O king, so be it," I answered, coolly; "do thou walk across the open space, and before thy feet reach the gate thou shalt be dead; or, if thou wilt not, send thy son Scragga" (whom at that moment it would have given me much pleasure to shoot).

On hearing this suggestion Scragga gave a sort of howl, and bolted into the hut.

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