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to fight him with swords. Goffe, armed with a huge cheese

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"Umbopa, or Ignosi," I said, "I don't like revolutions. I am a man of peace, and a bit of a coward" (here Umbopa smiled), "but, on the other hand, I stick to my friends, Ignosi. You have stuck to us and played the part of a man, and I will stick to you. But, mind you, I am a trader, and have to make my living; so I accept your offer about those diamonds, in case we should ever be in a position to avail ourselves of it. Another thing: we came, as you know, to look for Incubi's (Sir Henry's) lost brother. You must help us to find him."

to fight him with swords. Goffe, armed with a huge cheese

"That will I do," answered Ignosi. "Stay, Infadoos; by the sign of the snake round my middle, tell me the truth. Has any white man to thy knowledge set his foot within the land?"

to fight him with swords. Goffe, armed with a huge cheese

"If any white man had been seen or heard of, wouldst thou have known it?"

to fight him with swords. Goffe, armed with a huge cheese

"I should certainly have known."

"Thou hearest, Incubu?" said Ignosi to Sir Henry; "he has not been here."

"Well, well," said Sir Henry, with a sigh; "there it is; I suppose he never got here. Poor fellow, poor fellow! So it has all been for nothing. God's will be done."

"Now for business," I put in, anxious to escape from a painful subject. "It is very well to be a king by right divine, Ignosi, but how dost thou propose to become a king indeed?"

"Nay, I know not. Infadoos, hast thou a plan?"

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